Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I went shopping... || Primark Haul #2

So my wardrobe needed some new stuff, I wanted some new stuff and my blog needed a new Haul... Sooo I went shopping :) At least the things are from Primark so they are relatively cheap! So here's what I bought from Primark.

I found these 3 shorts and I had to have them. Especially the two striped shorts. I never found shorts in Primark that suits me well, that's why I never bought them. But these 3 shorts are so cute and they suit me well :)
 In the summer I really like to wear vests because it's always really hot and sweaty. And this are some basic white vests, perfect for summer.
Nearly every person owns a denim shirt in their closet. I am already owning one but a darker one from Levis. The denim shirt from Levis is quite expensive that's why I wanted to have a bit a cheaper one. The white dress on the right is gorgeous. When I first saw the dress I was a bit sceptical because of the material. First it looked a bit transparent but afterwards when I tried it on it wasn't. On top there are pretty little flowers which give the dress a bit of elegance.

Last but not least I bought a white basic shirt that was a bit more expensive than the other shirts and a floral scarf in pastel colors with flowers and birds on it.

What did you buy recently in Primark?

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