Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review | Yves Rocher Sheer Foundation

Hi, my Lovely Friends! Today I want to introduce you the Sheer foundation of Yves Rocher, that I've been trying the past few weeks. 

First I have to say I've only purchased this foundation because of the cheap price and the nice package. £10.50 / CHF 9.90
The tube contains 30 ml of liquid foundation. I think the tube is really handy to use because it's not too big for your makeup bag if you want to carry it around.
There are 3 colors for selection:
01 - Light natural 02 - Medium natural 03 - Matte natural
I got shade 01 in light natural after I tried some samples of this shade. 02 was too dark for me, so I got 01.  

But I'm not quite impressed with this foundation. The color turns into an orangy, yellowy colour on the skin. But If you are tanned I'm quiet sure it will look nice on you. What I also noticed is that there is a huge difference between the shades. 
This foundation really doesn't give you enough coverage and my skin doesn't look any better with this. The only way I can come up with the foundation is to wear it "on top" of my regular foundation (Mix the color, for a brighter effect). Maybe it's good for a dry skin, mine is a bit oily. But what I really like about this foundation is the smell. It smells really good :)

Also, my final critique is that it offers no coverage where you need it, but for summer it's alright.
Have you tried a Yves Rocher Foundation? If so, what's your position about it?

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