Saturday, 30 November 2013

Season's Greetings

This evening is the last evening in November. For me it means - the last evening being 15 years old. I'm finally turning 16 tomorrow! Yay :) So December has come around so quickly that honestly it feels like it's only the beginning of autumn.
I'm in a festive mood since mid of November and I am really, really excited for Christmas! :)
Here in Switzerland it already started to snow so that's even a reason more to be in a holiday spirit! Don't you think?

I have some post coming up soon which I am really excited about! And I'm also in a posting spirit that means I'm hopefully posting more in December :)

If I would ask 100 people to name something associated to Switzerland one of the top answers I think would be cheese.  Am I right? :) But it could have been chocolate, or watches, or alps or Heidi. What would you answer?

I took this picture about ten minutes after it started to snow last week :) xx

Saturday, 9 November 2013

NOTD / Maybelline Color Show in Vintage Leather

Hello lovely ladies! A couple of days ago I felt like I needed some new fall appropriate nail polishes. This is one of the three nail polishes I bought. I already owned a few nail polishes from the Color Show Line from Maybelline and I absolutely love all of them so that's why I searched in the Maybelline Counter for a new nail polish. I picked this one up - and it's called Vintage Leather.

First I thought it would be like a really shiny dark grey shade, but after the application I realized that it's a matte shade! Nowhere it said that it would be a matte shade but I didn't thought about the name. Vintage Leather - obviously the finish would be kind of a leather texture. But I'm really happy with my decisions. I didn't own any matte shade so this is just perfect to add to my nail polish collection.
The polish itself is really nice. It applies very easy, it's not too thick and it dries out really quickly. I wasn't really happy with the first paint. But if you apply two coats it looks actually really nice.

After all I'm glad I picked up Vintage Leather and I'm looking forward to use it during fall and winter time! I definitely recommend it!

Have you ever tried a Color Show by Maybelline nail polish? What are your thoughts on matte nail polishes? xx


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