Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fresh New Start


I hope you started well in the month of September. I think this year went by so fast and I can still not believe that fall is just around the corner.
lovely sunrise in the morning  - took this while biking to school :)
I have had that big post swimming around in my head to write to you, explaining all the reasons I keep trying to post here. To tell you the truth the last few weeks I've been feeling exhausted. During the months of June and July I blogged a lot. I was in that blogging routine.
Take photos - research - write post - publish. And I did this two or three times a week and didn't feel stressed or something like that. And now as I started school I have lots of things to do. That's not an excuse to not blog. The last few weeks I had kind of a blogger's break.
I sat down but nothing came - I couldn't write.

But know I'm here - writing this post that was flowing in my head for quite a while now and that I decided to write now. I'm trying to post once or twice week in the next time. Reviews, photographs, OOTD's, DIY's or even just talk to you (what I really enjoy :D). What would you like to read?
But for now a huge THANK YOU for the friends you have been and letting me be in that Blogging Community!



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