Saturday, 30 November 2013

Season's Greetings

This evening is the last evening in November. For me it means - the last evening being 15 years old. I'm finally turning 16 tomorrow! Yay :) So December has come around so quickly that honestly it feels like it's only the beginning of autumn.
I'm in a festive mood since mid of November and I am really, really excited for Christmas! :)
Here in Switzerland it already started to snow so that's even a reason more to be in a holiday spirit! Don't you think?

I have some post coming up soon which I am really excited about! And I'm also in a posting spirit that means I'm hopefully posting more in December :)

If I would ask 100 people to name something associated to Switzerland one of the top answers I think would be cheese.  Am I right? :) But it could have been chocolate, or watches, or alps or Heidi. What would you answer?

I took this picture about ten minutes after it started to snow last week :) xx

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