Friday, 6 December 2013

Birthday Presents!

Hello beauties! It was my birthday the other week. I finally turned 16 :)
I don't normally like sharing photos of present on my blog, it feels weird and I don't want to showing off at all. But I received a bunch of cool presents from some awesome people and I wanted to show you guys, because I am so lucky to be surrounded by the nicest people in my life :') Here is just small glimpse at some things that are in the cutest box ever...

this is a like a hand warming thing (don't know how this is called) - you can press and it gets really hot
also a great gift idea for christmas :)

Snowman bath bomb from Lush - somehow it got a bit demolished :-)

The strawberry bodywash from Yves Rocher - smells amazing
I do own already a peachy one and I absolutely recommend these :)

a beautiful japanese notebook called Seseragi - my friends know my so well :D
and of course my favourite dark chocolate from Lindt!

Hopefully you liked this post :) I didn't want to showing off at all, like I said on top :D
Much Love, Catherine <3

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  1. Really lovely things! :)



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