Friday, 4 October 2013

September Favourites!

 Hello people! I can't believe it's already October; this year is going so quickly (there are only 84 days until christmas YAY :) But seriously, where did the summer go? It feels like I was just getting in to that summer feeling(if you know what I mean), only to find the fall knocking at my door.  Anyway I looove fall time and cozy sweaters, hot drinks and just seeing that the leaves change the colour... Is it just me?! Without further ado - my September favourites! :)

Ellite Paris Eye Liner in 01 Black Out
Ushuaia Déodorant 24h in Vanille de Polynésie
Yves Rocher Hand Cream in Vanilla/Lemon
Maybelline New York Baby Lips in Cherry Me
Dr. Fix - On your lips Care in Kiwi & Passion Fruit

I'm not quite a lover of eye liners but I came across this one and I was quite impressed. It stays really long and it really defines my eyes. I'm planning on doing a review later month.

The next product I've been using is this antiperspirant I got this from a friend who visited France earlier this year. This smells divine after vanilla. It doesn't really has a strong scent what I think is really good. If you want to try this out I found a shop who sends this world wide.

An absolutely must-have for me during fall/winter time is hand cream. My hands tend to get very dry so I always carry a hand cream with me. This one from Yves Rocher was released in the Christmas edition from 2012. This hand cream makes my hands incredible soft and the scent is very sweet that makes you feel cozy and festive.

Here it is: the much talked Baby Lips. I only own it for a few weeks because here in Switzerland they're released a bit late but I bought them anyway! I only have to say two things: scent is amazing and love that it leaves a bit of colour on your lips! Definitely worth the hype!

And last but not least Dr.Fix's On Your Lips. My friend bought me this lip balm while she was on holiday in Greece. I really like it but unfortunately I couldn't find a site where they buy it but I will keep an eye out for this and as soon as I find it I'll let you know. :)

What products have you been loving last month? Let me know! xx


  1. Yes. On the eye liner review. I've been on the hunt for a long lasting liner that doesn't budge!


    1. Looking forward to write a review soon :) xx

  2. I keep meaning to purchase one of the Baby Lips. Raspberrykiss xo

    1. You should! I use mine sooo many times. Perfect for winter to keep your lips nice :) xx



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