Saturday, 22 March 2014

Spring/Summer Trends 2015 | #1 pastel

Spring has finally arrived! With the beginning of spring, which already has happened on March the 19th on the Northern Hemisphere the new season begins. Did you know that the word "Spring" appears to have its origins as a time when all the plants ''spring up"? Well my idea of spring is rebirth.

 I see everything waking up from a big winter sleep and also it starts to get warm again. But probably my favourite thing, which I've been waiting for all winter is having sunshine. Obviously the weather here in Switzerland wasn't as dark and depressive as probably in other parts of the world but it's good to know that when I come home from school at around 5 o'clock, I still have enough time to take photos for my blog and the lightening is also very nice :)

But with rebirth I don't just mean all flowers and plants but also it also has to do with beauty.
It's all about "refreshing" your makeup bag/storage or wherever you keep your makeup - trying out new things...
With this upcoming series I want to share some of the trends - mainly beauty and fashion related- which I've read a lot about and seen in a few magazines!

What is your favourite trend for this season? Are you into pastels? Let me know! <3


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  1. I'm glad that spring is here, I'm with you on the lighting haha. It's so much easier to take photos when there's a bit of sun. Love that yellow coat



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