Sunday, 16 March 2014

What's on my face

Today I want to share with you some products I've been using now quite regulary on my face.
I haven't done one of these post on here, but I hope you'll like it :)

 Primer - The Porefessional  Benefit | Link here
The oohhh so hyped product in the beauty world. Does it work? Doesn't it?
Well as a primer it works perfectly for me. I don't use a primer everyday but if I'm doing a full face - primer, foundation and all that kind of stuff- I use it to minimize my pores. As you see it's not the big full size I'm still using mine from the little kit I bought last year, which I did a review on( here )

Foundation - Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory | Link here
This is the foundation I've been using for a very long time now. I tend to use a foundation that is light to medium coverage and the Match Perfection is just perfect for me. Obviously it is a drugstore product but I'm as a full time student can't always afford using high end. I've already done a post about it and if you want to get some information I leave you the link here.

Concealer - Super Stay 24HR Maybelline | Link here
I've probably mentioned this product about five times. It's been in a monthly favourites of mine but somehow I haven't done a review on it - yet :)
I actually came across this concealer when I was in need of a new one - I just picked up the most presentable in my shade. It definitely covers all of my imperfection that are mostly pimples or acne spots. It doesn't last as long as it claims  - I mean have you seen a product that lasts that long considering that you are out all day and moving around. I guess not. But despite that I really like it.

Concealer Palette - Catrice | Link here
This is probably the cheapest product I own. It has five different colours - three beige shades, a green one  and a reddish-pink one.  If I am struggling with redness or spots on my face I use this palette to even out my skin tone and try to cover the imperfections.

 Concealer - Boing Benefit | Link here
Together with the palette and my other concealer from Maybelline, this works wonders. Well not on the imperfections but on covering them. I mentioned this concealer-duo a while ago and as you already may know, this is the mini-size which you can buy in the Benefit Kit.

Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte | Link here
For powder I've been using this Rimmel one which I think is really nice for my oily-combination skin. It helps to control the shine on my face and I'm actually quite happy with it considering that it is a drugstore product. I'm not quite a fan of the packaging but all in one I like it.

Brush - Kiko Face Brush 106 | Link here
I bought this foundation brush out of curiosity in summer last year.  It's a round foundation brush which has synthetic fiber bristles. I use it to apply my Match perfection from Rimmel, which is listed above. I usually pick up the foundation and tap the product onto my face. Then I start blending it onto my skin in a circular motion. I really like to apply liquid foundation with it as I think it gives a really nice natural look. I do wash it every week and I don't see any difference.

Brush -  Dior Blush/Powder Brush with Gold Tone Metal Handle
I received this brush a really long time ago - probably three years ago, i'm not quite sure.
Anyway I use this brush mainly to apply blush onto my cheeks. I think this is a gorgeous brush
just by looking at it but also it does its job quite nice.

Have you tried any of these products? What products have you been using? <3 Catherine

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