Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Holiday Beauty Haul

Hey lovelies,
The time has past and I went shopping again but this time during my holidays.
I have always enjoyed reading these types of post, so hopefully you guys will enjoy reading this post too :)

First I went to Sephora. Where I live, in Switzerland,  there isn't any Sephora Store. That's why I was glad to read that in Portugal there are 12 Sephora stores.
I bought this contouring and blush palette for fair skin. You can choose the palette that will suit the best, there are 4 options to choose from. It contains a bronzer, a highlighter and a blusher. The palette is not too large so you can put in your bag.
And I finally have it! The They're Real! mascara from Benefit. Nearly every blogger owns one and I'm one of them :) I bought the Double The Real! package. The package contains a big one (8.5g) and a smaller one (4.0g). The price for both was only €24.90. If I only would buy the bigger one, it would cost me €25.90. 

And finally I went to KIKO. I own a few KIKO nail polishes and have to say their amazing! Not only the nail polishes, everything in their store. I found a really pretty nail polishes - the Sugar
mat for only €1.50.  I also bought two new brushes to add to my collection - A face brush and a round foundation brush. Both brushes are amazing!

Ever tried one of these products? What do you think? Tell me below!


  1. I have tried a sample size of the They're Real mascara and thought that they weren't very good at volumizing, mostly just lengthening.

    1. You're right but I still think it's amazing :) xx

  2. I love Sephora! We don't have one in the UK either so whenever I am in France or Greece I make sure I stalk up. x



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