Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tips for Back-to-School

Hello Everyone! For many the first day of school year has already started. If you are one of the lucky ones who begins a little later, you may still want some school tips to help make the first couple of school days easier.

Be organized. It's quite difficult to put everything in the right place when you're rushing between classes. So take some time to clean your backpack and binders. The less frustrated you're going to be, the easier it is to find what you need.

Be prepared for the first day. For me the first day its always a hectic day because I have to get from one class to another. So it's always important to be prepared. I always pack my school bag the day before school is going to start because I don't like rush in the morning. And I also like to go buy the things that I need to replace: my pencil case, some notebooks and a school calender. I always like to pick out a cute school bag to carry my items.

Be nice and smile. You should do this not only at the beginning of a new school year but all the year through. You'll make more friends, make others feel good just simply by smiling and being nice - Not only to other students but also to the teachers, secretaries, everyone around you. It's never wrong to be nice. :)

These were some of my all-time back to school tips. I hope you all a have great first day back to school or maybe these tips will help you for first day at work! :) Have a nice day! xx

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