Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Inspirational Wednesday

 Hi, Everyone!
How is your Wednesday doing?
Leave you with an inspiration today.

I love this quote. This is basically what I always believe in.
Lately, however, I've been feeling a bit sore, it's because I know I haven't been living by it.
For a while now, I am scared to move on because  I've been hurt by a close friend of mine and I've been telling myself that without this friend I would be nothing. 
For me this quote is about being in the moment. Being in a beautiful and happy moment surronded by people you love and knowing that, this moment wil soon come to an end, be nothing but a memory.
But you're not ready for this moment to end. You want to stay. You want to froze this moment in. You don't want leave this moment, this place, this people...
But you can feel it slowly slipping away. It's like the wind is carrying you forward and you are trying to work both against and towards it.

So live your life, don't be scared to move on, don't tell yourself that without someone you would be nothing because you know what? YOU are amazing and you deserve nothing but the best. Just because you have been hurt once, it doesn't mean that you can't get what you want, no one can be too good for anyone. Don't let your fear of rejection stop you from getting what you want. 
Anyway, I'm sounding a bit depressing now and that's not what I want at all!

I leave you with a song to inspire you a bit :)


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