Friday, 17 May 2013

Ancient Ruins and Shooting.

Hi, Everyone!

Last week one of my best friends and I we went on a little excursion.
We visited some ancient ruins. They are over 1000 years old.
So we decided to do a shooting. This one in the picture is my lovely friend :)

Have you ever visit ancient ruins?

©Kisses Catilein©


  1. Hi Catherine!

    Thank you for your super lovely comment on my blog, was so pleased you left it because I was thrilled to find yours! I absolutely love going to ancient ruins, they make the best places for photoshoots, and you look absolutely stunning (assuming this is you!) Anyway I adore your blog and am now following, looking forward to visiting again very soon, have an amazing day! xx

    1. Thanks. This one in the picture is my friend :) I was the photographer.
      Wish you an amazing sunday :)

  2. Aww this shoot looks beautiful, you make a very good photographer!'s so nice to go to places like this and enjoy the beauty of it and think about life...nice post :-)



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