Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bikini Time | Part 1

We all love it: THE BIKINI.
In the next few weeks I want to share with you everything about bikinis and swimsuits. Today I'm going to tell you something about the history of the bikini.

Today it's normal to see a women wearing a bikini or a swimsuit. But 100 years ago it was unimaginable. For example the Australian swimmer-performer Annette Kellerman was arrested in 1907 for wearing a two-piece.

The name bikini was given by his inventer Louis Réard in 1947. He named it after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, the site of an atomic bomb test. The idea of a bikini struck him when he saw women rolling up their beachwear to get a better tan.  But Réard could not find a model to wear his design so he ended up hiring a nude dancer. That bikini was a cloth with newspaper type print.The bikini was a moderate hit 1947 in France, but it was not well accepted in other parts of the world.
Micheline Bernardini wearing one of the first modern bikinis  - Source
The bikini family has grown to a large number of variations:
String Bikini
Numokini (top part missing)
Seekini (transparent bikini)
Tankini (tank top, bikini bottom)
Camikini (camisole top, bikini bottom)

 Next week :  Bikini Time | Part 2 Choose the right suit for you!

I mentioned some bikini variations. In which category falls your suit?

Have a nice day! Kiss Catherine
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  1. wow this is pretty interesting, but look at the size + positioning of her bikini bottoms!! if people think bikinis are unforgiving now, wait till they see that photo!!
    I'm a bandeau bikini girl ... no strap marks!!

  2. So glad women are able to wear bikinis now-- so liberating!


    I would love it if you entered my Zoya & Sephora giveaway!





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