Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nail Polish of The Week | Cool Jade

Hi, Everyone! Hope you are having a great day!

This week is another nail polish of my MaxFactor collection.
A few weeks ago I writed about the MaxFactor  - 37 Prussian Blue . I really love that darker blue color. I've searched nearly everywhere but I couldn't find these Max Effect Mini Nail Polishes. I thought they sold out. Luckily I found them last week and I've felt in love with the color 27 - Cool Jade.

It's a pretty light green/blue color. You can compare it with the nail polish from Essie - Mint Candy Apple. Both are really pretty colors but I prefer the MaxFactor: the color is a bit darker than the Mint Candy Apple, and it's much cheaper ,what's really healthy for your purse :)

What I really like about the MaxFactor Mini Nail Polishes is that they really are usefull. The size is not too big for me that's why I can carry it easily in my bag when I'm travelling. The Max Effect Nail polish collection has many other beautiful colors that I want to buy.
I really recommmend these nail polishes they're shiny, handy, not expensive and cool :)

Do you own any MaxFactor nail polish?

Kiss Catherine

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  1. Wow! That's such an amazing colour! It definitely suits your skin tone! xx

  2. this is a lovely unique colour, looks great!



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